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Welcome to my the Technical Section of my On-line Portfolio.
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Code Work: (no pictures or diagrams due to nondisclosure agreements)
Data model redesign of the complex, multi-tier middle ware system of, music video site, using Java. JSP, HTML and Java Script to build admin interfaces to their database. Interactive Java Script components.  Dreamweaver templates and Cold Fusion logic.

Using Borland C++ Builder, I've done several things. Custom C++ Software featuring Image Recognition, custom logic, and mouse automation. A VCL GUI, interface with an VC++ program through the use of DLL's.  Using only Java Script and DHTML layers, I created a re-useable number slider, with instant or delayed feedback.  It can be scaled, to any size, set up horizontally or vertically, and runs in both IE and Netscape.   I also created the foundation of a calendar component, which uses images to display the date and any associated data.

I've also done HTML/DHTML editing for functionality, and browser compatibility.  I've worked with scripting languages, Win-32 API, and computer Hardware maintenance.   I have a rapid learning rate of computer related things.

Links to websites I've built freelancing., a Flash site I'm currently developing., a Flash site I'm currently developing., another Flash site (only HTML version currently online.
A Web Page built for a dentist named Dr. Goodman. (this on-line sample version is modified from the original)

These are images generated with Real-time rendering of a landscape converted to pencil drawings and then to 3D.  The stripes in the sky are also generated in real-time and represent real midi data.  The midi data was parsed and then divided into instrument and timbre groups.  This is represented by color, Z-height, offset and images on each stripe and other factors.

I've had a big role with this ongoing project modeling each piece of the landscape, and properly giving each model custom UV coordinates.  I also wrote C++ code for the project, which did the initial generation of midi stripes, custom batch image conversion, and the sorting of the vast data, as well as optimizing it.

Every section of land represents a musical instrument. These instruments are painted in the sky, and are colored and positioned by things such as: pitch, attack, tambre, etc.

More details on this work in the Creative Section or at Jack Ox's home page consisting of some large articles about a project I am working on freelance.


These are images of various GUI work I've done in my own time for trueSpace 4.  Included are a freeware dynamic primitive object generator, symmetrical shape creator, user input listener and parser, view swap/save.  There is also a VCL component designed for handling Joystick input for any windows program. All programming was done using Borland C++ Builder 4, and has evolved alot.  My freeware plug-in was originally done in Delphi Pascal, and later converted to C++.  Also all of my code has gone from simple C++, into a well organized class structure.

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