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Welcome to the Creative Section of my On-line Portfolio/Gallery
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The main tools used here is After Effects 6, and the Psunami 3D water plug-in. These are still shots, from the pilot show called "It Could Happen Tommorow" for The Weather Channel. Each was done by carefully detailed masking, lineing up a 3D camera, and matching the water color to real-world samples.

Work with

To the left is an on going modeling, texture mapping and programming freelance job.  It is a 3D interpretation of a 2D German artist by the name of Jack Ox.  Her work is primarily the visualization of music with pictures.  I modeled the entire landscape was using 3DS MAX 3, and trueSpace 4.  Midi generated musical strips were initially generated using a custom plug-in using trueSpace SDK and C++.  The texture maps are quite large, being scanned in from drawings up to 3+ feet in length, all which had to be cut up by hand, rebuild the large maps, then cut up into maps small enough to be rendered in real-time.

Every section of land represents a musical instrument. These instruments are painted in the sky, and are colored and positioned by things such as: instrument, pitch, attack, tambre, etc.

More details on this work in the Technical Section or at
Jack Ox's home page consisting of some large articles about a project I am working on freelance.

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a Camera flying around the room
MOV Movie (1.81 MB)

Toon Renderings of a Boy's Room

It was done unsing 3D Studio Max 2.5 and a toon renderer to make it have the look and feel of cartoon. This can be adjusted in various ways, including the thickness and intensity of the lines, shadows, and specular high-lights which affect the color tones.

1.75 MB

1.2 MB

511 kb

800 kb

255 kb

400 kb
Quicktime movies - click to view
Graphic Out-takes

These are graphics worked on for web-site but were not used.
These graphics are out of context, but I like them anyway. They used After Effects, Truespace and Rave.

Flash movies - click to view all

1.3 Mb

287 Kb

510 Kb

682 Kb

800 Kb
Particle Samples for a Friend's Film

Using trueSpace 6 and up to 3 different particle systems combined to create a water style effect over live video.  No 2 partilcle system are alike, and mixing different ones together can create an even better look.

Click on the sample MOV files to see the footage.

I also have a commercial that was on the air, which I'm very happy with.
It's a Tiger Toys Ad. There are 3 hand-held systems on the commercial, one of which built by me at 3D Creations using Maya and rendered using WaveFront.


Raw Transformation Footage
in M-PEG format
Raw ROBOTECH Transformations
850k             950k

3D Model Collection.

My earliest models are still my favorite, and they were mostly RoboTech vehicles.  The Next Generation RoboTech vehicles were among my favorite during the cartoon series and now exist in my own 3D RoboTech collection.

The Alpha/Battler and the Cyclone (Motorcycle/Power Armor) were all modeled with TrueSpace 3.  The still images were all enhanced using Painter 5.  They were designed for animation and thus were built with low-polygon counts.  The Alpha and Cyclone were also designed to transform into 2 modes.  Some transformation footage for each are in M-Peg format.  Proportions of the objects for the transforming models was challenging, since it has to look right in both modes, and during mode changes.

Game Master Presents: ROBOTECH Generation 3
Download the Caligari Winning Animation
9.4 MB Zip file!
An award winning animation for best TrueSpace animation of December 97.  The animation demonstrates editing, modeling, animation and backgrounds.

Requires Intel Indeo 5.
Click here to download the Windows Indeo drivers!

(Click here for Mac version)

SDF-1  Images In the RoboTech series the SDF-1 is a massive ship the eventually has a city in it's hull.  This ship is full of details, and movable parts.  It's the complexity of the ship that made me want to build it the most.  I finished enough of it for these images on Dec 98.
Additional images of the Cyclone and other Invid characters.  All models are IK structured with limits for believable motion while animating.

What would a sci-fi lover/ 3D modeler be without some truly famous ships.  Also Low polygon and some of my earliest works with TrueSpace 3 and IK.  Each image was also enhanced using Painter 5 to get the laser bolts just right. The vehicles all move in some way, the walker walks and shots, the wings on the X-Wing fold, and the airfoils and gun on the Snow Speeder also move.

This Last set is a set of miscellaneous others.  Starting from the top down are some more low-polygon work designed for animation.  Sketches that I have drawn for RPG characters.  And the last one is a Poser 2 story board for a college film class, which wound up being best in the class and shown to students the following year as an example.

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