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82-22 Eliot Avenue Middle Village, N.Y. 11379
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8/92 to 12/96 Queens College/City University of New York, Flushing, New York
98 credits obtained. Major: Computer Science Minor: Communications (Arts & Media)
2/03 Access Careers - Certificate of Completion in Medical Billing

OS System types:   Windows XP, DOS, UNIX, and older Windows Environments.

Programming Languages:   C, C++, JSP, Java, C++ Builder 6, Delphi 3, Win32 & TrueSpace 5 SDK
Script Languages:
Java Script, HTML, PHP 5, MySQL 4, Flash Action Script, Python, MySQL 4, Z-Brush 2 Scripting Language
Limited knowledge of:
   SQL, Director 8.5, Cold Fusion, Motivate SDK, and World Tool Kit 9.0 SDK

Web Development & Presentation:   Dreamweaver MX, Flash MX, Adobe Live-Motion 2, and Cool Edit Pro 2
2-D Graphics & Animation:   Corel Draw 10, Corel Photo-Paint 10, Adobe PhotoShop 7, Adobe Illustrator 10 and Painter 5
3-D Modeling and Animation:   3D Studio Max 6, TrueSpace 6, Modo and Maya
Video Editing and Manipulation:
   After Effects 6, Elastic Reality 3, Ulead's Media Studio 5, and Premier 4
Specialty Graphics:   Poser 5, ZBrush 2, Painter 3D, VistaPro 4, World Builder, and Bryce 2

Java Middleware software development threaded of web application, connecting a database to front-end web pages, for real-time operation. PHP and MySql database working together to create structured webpages, and admin tools. Web-page Development, HTML layout, Flash Action scripts, DHTML GUI components, Cross-browser related issues. Programming using 3D SDK algorithms, as well as creating Windows GUI using C++ Builder 4 and Delphi 3. Custom C++ Software featuring Image matching, custom logic, and mouse automation. Midi to Graphics display and Custom UV mapping for a VR art piece using an artists' technique of visual 3D music.
Programming included taking parsed Midi data, and giving 3D meaning to it with color, texture, and 3D placement.
A custom bitmap color multiplier was designed to handle a large amount of unique texture maps on the 3D Music.
Using Borland VCL to write DLL's that work with external programs developed in other packages such as Visual C++.
Custom Windows GUI components such as: Joystick Interface, Number Spinner, Keyboard/Mouse Input Parser.
These components utilize Win32 and VCL event handling to create easy to use, custom user input interface.
Plug-in work for a 3D program, using Borland VCL, Win32, and SDK to add new features to TrueSpace 4, such as:
View storage, Interface enhancement, Sub-polygon grouping, and Object/User tracking features are in development.
Created a free-ware plug-in, with Delphi, that allows users to easily adjust primitive shape parameters in Real Time, for trueSpace 4.
Created 3 free-ware plug-ins, for ZBrush 2 using their scripting language.

Image and Video Editing, Morphing, and 2D/3D custom Graphic work. Using Paint programs for adjustments, FX and animation. Lots of experience with multiple graphic tools working together, from using a lot of different 2D/3D graphic programs. 3D Modeling & Animation of low polygon characters, objects, and vehicles. Training others in 2D/3D Techniques. 3D Modeling & Texturing of a product to be used in a commercial for Tiger Toys with MAYA on a SGI machine. 2D Vector Logos created from scanned logos for custom advertisement Banners for whole sellers, bars, and stadiums. Created and cut Vinyl Custom banners created for beverages like: Coors, Becks, Grolsch ,Canada Dry, Sunkist, and Dr. Brown's.

2/06 - 3/06 - - Job Quote Request system
Created with PHP and MySQL. Includes admin tools to access database, user input, and email notification.
Various dates 2005 - 3/06 - - Launch 2.0 version of site
This site has been building up over time, all done with Flash actionscript, Javascript and PHP.
Various dates 2005 - - Launched 2.0 version of site, bulit DHTML tools to edit new pages.
This site has been building up over time, all done with Javascript and PHP. New catalog pages created and added.
10/05 to 12/05 - Atlas Media -
Various FX Graphics, for "It Could Happen Tommorow"
1st 3 episodes for The Weather Channel. Used After Effects 6, 3ds Max, and 2d graphic software.
7/05 to 12/05 - -
MySql database interation between local files and online files.
Using PHP for the online server-side interaction, and Python for local, cross-platform use. Offline local mode searches using the same methods as online version, can keep track of favorites, and FTP download new files on the server. (
4/05 - 5/05 - Water FX Graphics, for "It Could Happen Tommorow" pilot show to air on the Weather Channel as a series. Done with After Effects and Psunami plug-in. Created for Atlas Media (
Various dates - Updating Flash projects, with additional graphics and soundwave editing
One online sample is the TrueMajority OREO video found at
Other web and email related work was done for the 2004 US elections.
4/04 to 6/04 - Creating a Flash website, with alot of Action Scripting (currently they are hosting HTML version)
This site was just launched. It uses Action Scripting for complex navigation, and image browsing. There is also a simple 3d model on the site which I made from a photo.
2/04 to 4/02 - 3D Animation, Setup, and Video Composition
This project is under NDA. It involved setup and animation of 3D models for (3) 30 second clips. 3D elements done with 3DS Max 5, human animation done with Poser 5, composition done with After Effects 5.5
11/03 to 2005 - Custom C++ software for Windows
I can't talk in detail about this project, but I can say that it involves complex logic rules, screen capture, image recognition, and mouse automation. All coded with Borland C++ Builder.
1/03 to current - Creating a Flash website, Audio editing, Image editing, and technical support
This Flash site also has a flat version that responds much like it’s Flash counterpart, using DHTML layers. Image editing, PHP scripting and simple animations are also a part of this project. It is online at
Another related site, using just DHTML layers
1/00 to 1/02 (various times between) - 3D Modeling/animation, Image editing, & custom software for Jack Ox
Taking 2d drawings and creating a 3d environment out of them. In addition, created custom software to do image creation, and to convert MIDI data to 3d polygons. Samples can be found in my online portfolio site (, or at Jack Ox’s site ( This project was covered in "IEEE MultiMedia" magazine, July 2000. (
12/99 to 4/00 (various times between) - Web site creation using DHTML layer animation, and Image Editing
This web page was done for a dentist(Dr. Goodman), and is no-longer online. Samples can be created upon request.

8/00 to 12/01    Lead Java Programmer - Full Time., NYC
     Duties: Data modeling a flexible multi-tier system designed for a music video website and it's sales, using Java and running off of Oracle. Classes were built to store media data, station scheduling information, and shopping cart user information. Developed middleware using Java RMI components. Created front-end web applications using JSP and JavaScript for admin use and user interfaces. Built servlets to serve videos to users, and a threaded application to handle live streaming video. Maintenance of video on demand and video station services. Optimization of Java code for speed, and efficiently.
12/99 to 7/00    Lead Web Developer - Full Time. U-Magic Systems, NYC
     Duties: Editing, fixing, and creating web pages, and related graphic work. Creating various UI components for the web using Java Script such as DHTML Number Slider, Layer and Calendar components. Creating HTML templates , using JavaScript, Dreamweaver, and Cold Fusion. Resolving browser compatibility issues and writing cross browser Java Script.
Leaning and working with Cold Fusion logic.
12/98 to 12/99  Lead 3D Artist - Full Time Freelance. Absolute Reality Corp, NYC
     Duties: 3D Modeling and Animation of low polygon models using 3D Studio Max and TrueSpace. Presentation video work using Premier. Specialized GUI programming using C++ Builder.
7/98 to 9/98      3D Modeling - Freelance work and Internship. 3D Creations, NYC
     Duties: 3D Modeling and Texturing of a product to be used in a commercial using MAYA, Corel Draw and PhotoShop. The model is a high-polygon count model, created using NURB surfaces. Worked around full-body motion-capture equipment.
2/96 to 5/98     Banner Design and Creation - Part-time. Canada Dry, College Point, New York
     Primary Duties: Produce and design custom vinyl advertisement banners using a plotter and 2D vector based software. Taking bitmap graphics, and creating vector versions of them.
9/94 to 5/95     Supervisor - Part-time. United Parcel Service, Maspeth, New York
     Primary Duties: Supervising eight to seventeen employees. Maintaining employee personnel files.

SPECIAL SKILLS   Creative Problem solving, Rapid learning of computer applications (Self Taught), Certified Medical Biller, Supervisory Skills, Training others, 40 wpm Typing Ability, Troubleshooting, and Computer Hardware.

AWARDS   Award for Excellence in Computer Science.  Caligari trueSpace Animation Contest Winner of December 1997.

INTERESTS   Creative GUI programming, 2D/3D Graphic creation & manipulation, Animations, Game design, Stock & Currency Markets.

Download Resume in Windows RTF format ,  Windows DOC format, or PDF format

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