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Welcome to my On-line Resume/Portfolio

My name is Richard Rodriguez.  I am a 3D artist/programmer. This type of flexibility is my strongest point, being both a creative programmer, and a technical graphics person. Novel approaches to problems, have always lead me to lead positions, as well as happy clients. When asked which I do best, it's hard to answer, since I truly have worked doing both professionally.
In the programming world, I've worked in Java, C++, Javascript, and HTML doing many different types of things. Ranging from setting up interactive web pages, and resolving browser related issues, all the way up to, complex threaded applications, and multi-tier data modeling.
In the graphic world, I've worked on things ranging from webpage layout, image editing, and video presentations, to 2D video/image effects and, 3D modeling and animation of low-polygon models, as well as NURBS models.

Technical programs and languages that I use include Java, HTML/DHTML, C++ programming packages, various scripting Languages and API's, including Java Script, PHP 4, TrueSpace 5.0 API, and ZBrush scripting language.
My most frequently used programs are: code editors, Flash MX, Dreamweaver 4, Borland C++ Builder 4, 3DS Max 5, TrueSpace 6, Corel Draw 10, After Effects 5 and PhotoShop 7.   I'm very familiar with various other graphic packages, which include morphing programs, video editing programs, and other 2D/3D programs.  

My favorite type of work, is projects that involves both programming and creative design of some sort.  I like to build GUI's to simplify tasks or create new functionality.   I also like to build 3D models that are complex in shape and design, including a 3D Nurbs model of a Tiger Toy's product, and various models which can animate.  
My true love is video games, and although I've never had a job in the game industry, my skills and job picks have been geared work in various aspects of game construction.
Skills like:
3D modeling and animation, web presentation, GUI interfaces, graphical code work, multi-tier / multi-threaded applications, data modelling, and exposure to motion caputre.

     I've divided this Resume/Portfolio into 3 main pages:
1) Resume Page:  This is my standard resume in Web Format.
You can also download a printable copy of my resume in Windows RTF format, Windows DOC format, or PDF format.

2) Creative Section:
(5+ years of job experience) Images, videos, 3D models, and other graphical works.

3) Technical Section: (5+ years of job experience)  Covers programming projects, Web pages and GUI creation.

My Home Page.  Many images from the gallery in the creative section appear here.  Music video site, whose middle-ware system I worked on rebuilding.

Various web sites, using combinations of Flash, HTML, Javascript, PHP, Cool Edit and whatever else I needed
Fully developed:
Updated script, graphics, and sound:

Jack Ox's home page consisting of some large articles about a project I worked on.

A Web Page built for a dentist named Dr. Goodman. (this on-line sample version is modified from the original)

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