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My Name is Richard A. Rodriguez and I am a 3D artist/programmer.   When asked which I do best, it's hard to answer, since I truly have worked doing both professionally. In the programming world, I've worked in C++, Java, PHP, Javascript, FlashAction Scripts, and HTML doing many different types of things. Ranging from setting up interactive web pages, and resolving browser related issues, all the way up to, complex threaded applications, multi-tier data modeling, and interacting with databases. In the graphic world, I've worked on things ranging from webpage layout, image editing, and video presentations, to 2D video/image effects and, 3D modeling and animation of low-polygon models, as well as NURBS models.

As you can see from the galleries, I do 3D graphics. I am self taught in graphics and animation for over 3 years already. In school I learned all about programming and problem solving, but when I got my own PC, the graphic packages were much more apealing to me than the programming packages. That was before the Visual aproach to programming became big. Now programming is more entertaining with tools such as Borland C++ Builder and Delphi. In fact, I've built custom program and plug-ins for other graphic software like scripts for ZBrush2. Custom software for graphi manipulations. 3D Plug-in tools for Caligari TrueSpace 4.3, which I first started building with Delphi, and moved to C++ to take advantage of the many things that Borland VCL offers as well as C++. In addition, I also work on my own computer hardware, upgrading chips and cards as needed.

You see StarWars and RoboTech material here because they have left a big impression on me since I was young. My Cyclone model was actually my first complex model. Since then, I've created my own collection of RoboTech and StarWars models, but I focus on RoboTech since there are not many 3D artists that have worked on it.

My true love is video games, and although I've never had a job in the game industry, my skills and job picks have been geared work in various aspects of game construction. Skills like: 3D modeling and animation, web presentation, GUI interfaces, graphical code work, multi-tier / multi-threaded applications, data modelling, and exposure to motion caputre.

I got the name Game-Master from my youth by being one of the best video game player among my friends. I carried on the name when I started playing and running RPG's such as Palladium, D&D, Star Wars, RoboTech, Rifts, Beyond the SuperNatural, Top Secret, and several others. My current favorite video games are Unreal Tournament, and StarCraft

This is a water flood effect that is soon to air on the Weather Channel as a series named "It Could Happen Tommorow". This came out really well, and was fun to work on as well. Created for Atlas Media.

I also have a commercial that was on the air, which I'm very happy with.
It's a Tiger Toys Ad. There are 3 hand-held systems on the commercial, one of which built by me at 3D Creations using Maya and rendered using WaveFront.
I've also done considerable 3D graphic work with Jack Ox's 21st Century Color Organ. See Jack's Home page for samples. This has been a fun, on-going project so far. I've actually had the oportunity to work on both the graphics, as well as some custom programming.

I am available for Full time and Free Lance work..
Additional information available to anyone who wishes to retain my services.

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