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Dave's Movie Page - last updated: Wed - Feb 12 - 12:30am

Toon Samples

(NEW) Robert_Dives - Rendered out layers 1st, then did all editing in After Effects. This method saves alot of time. You said I needed to get a workflow down pat, and this little project showed me where time was wasted and can be saved.  Yeah!!  I have 3 compositions in AE, and I rendered out each 1 at half size for you. Editing from here on will be a snap. All 3 MOV files are 800k @ 30 fps and 360 x 243 resolution.
On your OK, full size renders, and a CD will be made. - robert and background alone (he goes further and rotates a tad more) - particle streams added in, as well as a darker ground for a wet look. (particle stream is wider) - leaves added in for final image. (I used 4 different leaf renderings, and colored them in AE)

Final Renders FINISHED for: (1.3MB) , (500k) , and (510k), (287k)(1/3 size, 30fps, all frames) (682k) (1/2 size, 30 fps) FINISHED also includes all raw FX shots with black backgrounds. You should have this all on CD's.