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XXXX, noted automobile photographer, showing off his uncosmetic full cast 18.5 carat gold crown after 25 years of use on fine food!!

Testimonial Index

Ally Sheedy Dr. Goodman takes care of my entire family.
Debbie Mazar "Dr. Goodman has always stressed the importance of being conservative with my natural teeth..."
Mary Frank "He has been an excellent dentist..."
Dr. Robert J. Barish " observations as a certified radiological physicist"
Elizabeth K. " I have been a patient of Dr. Goodman’s for almost 20 years."
Jim D. "I now smile all the way to the bank, even when I’m overdrawn.”
Dara & Charles M. "We trust Dr. Goodman, and would never think of going to anyone else."
Betsy L. "This didn’t stop Dr. Goodman - he came to the apartment twice..."
Don Ventura ...his eagerness to keep up with the latest developments...
Livingston Miller "I recommend people to him always."
Moira J. M. He has cured me of a lifetime of dental terror...

Dr. Goodman has been my dentist for years.

He has taken care of some problems with very old fillings (from a previous dentist's work) and also does GREAT Cosmetic work!

Dr. Goodman takes care of my entire family.  We all love to come and see him - even my six year old daughter.  She thinks it's cool that she goes to the same dentist as her parents and grandparents.

I could not recommend him more highly.
He's also a living doll!

Ally Sheedy

Dr. Michael Goodman has been a friend an d my dentist since 1982.

As a person, I have always strived to be a natural, healthy woman, true to my own character.
In my profession as an actor, I am constantly being sized up: too young, too old, tough, not blonde, too short, too tall… whatever ...and in moments where I’ve doubted my smile, Dr. Goodman has always stressed the importance of being conservative with my natural teeth… doing minimal structural change so that they will be healthy later in life. Keeping my character intact and not ending up with some ”Hollywood Chicklet” teeth

I chose to bleach my teeth because of years of coffee, tea, and red wine: the color was not pleasing to me and I gotta say… it was the boost that my smile needed.

Preventive Dentistry and communication with my dentist has kept my teeth strong and has been cost effective. Dr. Goodman has always been upfront with the materials he’s working with, be it porcelain, boning, etc… Given me the pros & cons and the CHOICE to decide what I’m getting myself into and how long it will last.
I am very happy with my smile.

Thank you Dr. Goodman!
Debbie Mazar

I’ve known Dr. Goodman as a dentist & friend for a quarter of a century. He has been an excellent dentist, careful - thoughtful & kind.

  Mary Frank

Dear Dr. Michael Goodman:

Here are two testimonial paragraphs. The first reflects my observations as a certified radiological physicist, the second as a long time patient.

“Dr. Goodman’s x-ray equipment and accessories conform to the best standards of practice for such devices. The radiographic techniques employed have been chosen to optimize his diagnostic capabilities while maintaining low radiation exposures for his patients.”

“Dr. Goodman has been my dentist for more than twenty years. His practice combines technical excellence with a caring and supportive attitude. Dr. Goodman participates in a rigorous continuing education program, which keeps him on top of developments in the field. He and his staff always put the patients’ concerns above their own. I recommend him wholeheartedly.”

Dr. Robert J. Barish, Ph.D.
Certified Radiological Physicist

I have been a patient of Dr. Goodman’s for almost 20 years.

Dr. Goodman makes going to the dentist enjoyable. With his delightful personality and caring way, he adds trust to the Doctor - Patient relationship. He never forgets your birthday.

I remain extremely satisfied and have recently referred my new husband to become a patient as well.

Elizabeth K.

Dear Dr. Goodman,

“As a result of a serious illness, my teeth had deteriorated to the point where I was actually embarrassed to visit a dentist. Upon my sister’s recommendation, I saw Dr. Goodman. I felt immediately comfortable and reassured, as he laid out a plan, both dental and financial.

After extensive work by both his highly personable and professional staff, I can honestly say the impact on my life goes way beyond dental health.

I now smile all the way to the bank, even when I’m overdrawn.”

What a great dentist. I feel so lucky to have found Dr. Goodman. I moved to New York 12 years ago and kept having one bad dental experience after another.

Thanks Doc,
Jim D.

Dear Micky:

I am pleased to offer the following testimonial for your website:

Between the two of us, we have been seeing Dr. Goodman for more than 30 years and have developed the utmost confidence not only in Dr. Goodman’s professional skills, but in Dr. Goodman’s personality.

Whenever we have needed anything other than a routine cleaning, Dr. Goodman has worked closely with us to explain our options, answer our questions and help us make good decisions. After all the time we’ve been seeing him, we know that the most important thing to Dr. Goodman is that we get the care we need in a way that works for us.

We trust Dr. Goodman, and would never think of going to anyone else.

Dara & Charles M.

To Whom It May Concern:

I have been a client of Dr. Goodman for many years. I have always believed he was an excellent dentist, very thorough and proud of his work.

But I saw an even greater side of Dr. Goodman when my friend Margery got into trouble with a broken bridge. She could not sit in the chair because of the terrible pain she was in from newly diagnosed cancer on her spinal column. This didn’t stop Dr. Goodman - he came to the apartment twice, gratis and gave Margery a new bridge!!!

As they say - “it doesn’t get much better than that” - Dr. Goodman will always be remembered for his caring, sensitivity, and very generous spirit. He is one of the good guys! In addition to being a great dentist.

  Betsy L.

To Whom It May Concern:

I have been a patient of Dr. Goodman’s for 25 years. During this time his professionalism has been apparent and appreciated. I have always been impressed with his expertise as well as his eagerness to keep up with the latest developments in all aspects of the field of dentistry.

My visits to his office have left me feeling confident that I have been given the best care and treatment available.  I also feel certain I would not have a tooth left in my mouth if it weren’t for him!

Don Ventura

Hello Dr. Goodman:

How are you and your family doing?

I am very happy to say, my experience with the doctor continues to be a very pleasant one. I have been going for the past fifteen years.  I had very bad experience in the military, and from 1982 through 1986 I did not go to the dentist, until I met Dr. Goodman through some research.

I recommend people to him always. Please keep up the good work.

Yours truly
Livingston Miller

I have the highest opinion of Dr. Goodman as a Dentist, medical practitioner, and human being. He has cured me of a lifetime of dental terror, to the benefit of my teeth and composure.

My already high regard for Dr. Goodman grew immeasurably when his medical knowledge and concern led him to recognize the importance of dermatological symptoms, which ultimately proved to be caused by a liver inflammation. His knowledge of human nature, in particular a tendency to put off visits to doctors, led him to arrange for me to see his own Dermatologist and then later in the day to visit him. I would surely have put off the visit. Blood tests ordered by the Dermatologist revealed the liver problem.

Dr. Goodman’s knowledge and concern quite likely prevented a temporary liver inflammation brought on by antibiotics from becoming permanent liver damage. My internist at the time ignored the symptoms, even though I asked him specifically if there might be a connection between the antibiotics and the symptoms. As I said, I have the highest regard for Dr. Goodman.

Moira J. M.